Tuesday, October 21, 2008

pixie stix commission

"pixie stix", 2008

12" x 12", oil on gessoed panel

private collection

This is a commission I recently completed. I had a problem finding Pixie Stix to begin with, but another issue was that the label had changed from when I was a kid ( we can thank the good folks at WONKA candy for that). Wasn't there some kind of elf guy on the label? I also added back the flavors that WONKA candy removed ( they have it down to three).

While I paint, I like to have either music or a movie playing while I work ( the screen isn't in my view, but I like to hear it). I was watching / listening to one of my favorite movies Our Man Flint. I know its a spy spoof in a sea of those kinds of movies, but James Coburn is fantastic as the super cool Derek Flint. One of the highlights is when he actually "speaks" dolphin. Also the awkward fighting is great ( imagine falling down the stairs...with another person). Awesome!

The best part is the music ( Jerry Goldsmith... This is a great OMS to have in any record collection). Leslie Bricusse actually wrote lyrics to "Your Zowie Face"? Nelson Riddle covered both the Flint theme song and "Your Zowie Face" ( one of my favorite songs ever! )

Oh, and he lives with three women that share him ( and oddly have no jealousy issues whatsoever). See? Super spies even have move evolved interpersonal relationships than "regular" people. That's why they're called "super" spies.

Here's a taste:

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