Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I live for dessert. I actually have kind of a bland palette when it comes to meals ( the dinner part...), but I LOVE dessert. The meal seems like the whole labor / reward philosophy. If you manage to make it through the broccoli and cube may have some sugar.

I once got into a fight ( well some pushing and a wrestling-fighty-thing) with a good friend over cube steak at work when I was in college ( the first time...the fun time). We'll call the friend "Steve" ( because his name was Steve...sorry, Steve!)

Me: "cube steak sucks...its always too dry!"

Steve: " No Man! Cube steak is awesome! My mom makes it and its great."

Me ( being a jerk, as I know this will have the effect that I want): " No Steve, cube steak is hamburger meat that poor people pretend is real steak."

Steve: " Oh yeah, well maybe your momma ( we're in Georgia) can't cook worth a damn, but mine can!!"

Me ( getting the response I wanted): " asked for it..."

Fighting ( or whatever?) insues, and this is kind of fun until he gets mad ( "Damn Man! that really hurt!!"). This was a third-shift stocking job, and there was a need to keep things lively at 4:00 in the morning. As they say, 22 year old boys will be boys.

"cheesecake", 2007

6" x 6", oil on Masonite panel

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