Friday, January 19, 2007

Red Rooster

There's two stories to this one. First, I wanted a cast iron rooster for my kitchen. A red one, too. We were shopping last year at the Atlanta Scott Antiques show ( this huge antiques market with tons of cool stuff), and I saw this red cast iron rooster. Well, after some debating, I didn't get it. Months later ( after searching and paying more than the first one I saw...the red one), I end up with a blue one. It is now red ( thank you, Mr. Krylon).
The second thing is that ( and I know this is somewhat childish) I wanted to call this painting "Big Red Cock". This has since been shot down by everyone I know over the age of 14. My Mom, wife , and I went to the malls after Christmas, and I asked many a clerk if they had any "cocks I could put in my kitchen". My family indulges me quite a bit when it comes to "bad behavior" or at least juvenile funny-time. Mother and wife agree that the only reason that I wanted a kitchen rooster was so that I could make my many "cock statements and remain totally within the law". Hey, these things really do bring good luck!
Listen, I don't get many of these opportunities to exercise my adolescent funny-bone. If you insist on making up these rules, I'm going to have to be forced to find the loopholes.
"Red Rooster", 2007
12" x 12", oil on Masonite panel
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