Friday, November 21, 2008

portrait painting part 3 ...and 4

This is a little more on my portrait. The hair is kind of "sketched in" at this point ( the underpainting is showing through more than it will be in the finished work).

This is a little more done with the background painted in. I let a little underpainting come through to warm up the tones. When everything dries a little, I'll get a little more aggressive with my glazes.

Okay, part of my painting process involves listening to music or... old time radio shows. One of the absolute best is one called SUSPENSE. Now some of these stories are pretty crappy in a Shakespearean sense, but listening to some of my favorite stars belt this stuff out is fantastic. Cary Grant, James Mason ( Captain Nemo and Barlow's "keeper" from 'Salem's Lot ), DeForest Kelly ( Yes, "Bones" does one too), and the king...William Conrad ( Cannon). You can click here and listen to all of these shows for free. Pin It Now!