Wednesday, November 21, 2007

don't cry over spilled Chicklets

Here's something funny. The ad for Chicklets in 1919 said that in a child's dreamland that "Chicklets hold the throne of glory!", and that they were "the crowning delight of childhood joy". Who were they marketing this to?

don't cry over spilled Chicklets, 2007

6" x 6", oil on gessoed panel

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

pink wind-up car

Along with all the things that I loved growing up, I've also been instilled with a love for all of the things my Dad loved. I grew up with Mego action figures, Paul McCartney & Wings, and the Super Friends. My Dad gave me a love for Hope and Crosby ( radio and movies), The Marx Bros., and Buck Rogers ( I remember watching those as kid on the Betamax!), and lots of cool tin toys. Incidentally, I remember being at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta watching my Dad trying to convince my Mom that a $2500.00 Betamax was a "good investment".

I keep wondering when I'm going to become a "grown-up"! I still love all the stuff that I always did. I do also remember as little kid thinking that you were "grown-up" when you owned a briefcase. You know like Oscar Goldman from the Six Million Dollar Man.

I've been asked to list some larger pieces for auction, so we'll see. I'm finishing up some "big pieces" for shows in the upcoming year that I'll post soon.

pink wind-up car, 2007

12" x 12", oil on gessoed panel

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