Thursday, March 26, 2009

Three Artists and a Two-Eyed Cat

Here's a nice review of the Fresh Faces 2009 show in Artslant New York called Three Artists and a Two-Eyed Cat by Robyn Farrell Roulo.

Rene Magritte

L'homme au chapeau melon , 1964

25.6" x 19.7", oil

Oh, and I keep wanting to mention this, but Paul McCartney and Wings song With a Little Luck from the 1978 album London Town has the better version ( 5:45 minutes in length). The single or DJ Edit ( 3:13) for the radio cuts out the cool little bass / keyboard solo ( it kind of builds up to sort of a musical arch which unifies the whole song and seems a little disjointed without it). Songs are usually "edited" ( aka butchered ) in order to keep them around three minutes long. Also, I've always thought Paul's bass playing was totally underrated ( for example, the intro on Silly Love Songs).

I just thought I'd mention that.

The long version is better. Pin It Now!