Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"A Man's got to know his limitations"

Here's a cool little demonstration of the potency of using a limited palette. I went over to talk a little "shop" with my pals at Studio Products today and they showed me a kit they've developed for landscape painting that has only four colors.


The colors are Sunshine ( a fairly neutral pale yellow kinda like the Sun), Sky ( a fairly neutral pale blue kinda like the sky), Magenta, and Cobalt Green. Okay, check out the nice range that this group of colors can generate.


Oh, and I didn't forget the young lady who asked me about how I "fix" my drawings before I apply paint. I use this Cat's Eye Retouch Varnish. I spray a thin mist over the drawing and wait 24 hrs before I start painting. This is better than using workable fixative or Aqua Net ( yes, you can use Aqua Net) because it's basically Damar varnish.

My wit-well is a little dry, so I'll leave you with this. Feel free to break up into individual discussion groups afterwards.

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