Sunday, February 15, 2009

h bomb

h bomb

h bomb, 2009

24" x 24", oil on canvas

This painting is available at the Judy Saslow gallery

Here's something pretty cool. Studio Products , a company that makes some of the finest ( and hardest to find) artist supplies has moved their factory roughly a mile away from my house. The same guy that makes the absolute best gessoed panels, Realgesso, also makes some of the best paint available to the fine artist.

I don't paint with the exact method every time, but I generally use the "old master" working method involving an underpainting, something of a Grisaille ( grayscale ) layer, and then a glazing of color. This company has a three-part medium kit that accompanies each step of the painting. I'm going to try it out this week, and I'll post some progress pictures. I will say that I am really enchanted by the chemistry oil painting with regard to using mediums. I usually use Gamblin's assortment of oil painting mediums ( all of Robert Gamblin's paints and mediums are alkyd based), but I do like using the "old master" recipes ( there's like a million cool little ways to tweak oil mediums with balsams, waxes and oils in order to customize your painting style ). Generally, in order to make a Caravaggio style painting, you use a certain working order, but you need the right medium to make it work effectively.

Also, I got some paint that they actually made right there. Yes, I totally dig the whole we-make-it right-here-thing. I got a sample of the colors I use in my regular palette, and I have to say that this paint has some of the highest pigment of any I've used ( similar to a Williamsburg or Old Holland ) with an exacting measure of paint to pigment ratio.

Here's the thing; if I've learned anything it's that you need to use good paint. Good supports and mediums are important, but the paint is the critical element. If you use some crap student brand paint, you are working harder at fighting your supplies than concentrating on the aesthetics of your piece. Hey, you'll use more paint ( there's generally less pigment and more oil in cheap oil paints ), but at least it will take you longer to finish. Pin It Now!