Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

I love the Christmas parade in the small town where I grew up! This year I tried to help Santa start his car ( he was flooding it...and slumped over the steering wheel). Awesome! He bid all the kids farewell with a little flair and said that "Santa has to drive home now". Then, he sat there for a while. I think he fell asleep. Oh, and it was an instant sleep too ( you know, like that woman in the ad for "the Clapper"). My niece had determined earlier that Santa doesn't talk like a "hillbilly" or "smell" , and that you "can't drive to the North Pole" either.

She's seven. Double Awesome!!

I got in trouble by my Mom when I pointed out to my niece that this particular Santa had also pee'd in his pants ( sorry, in his "Santa suit").

We decided that the "real Santa" doesn't do that either. Awesome times three!!!

I know its been a good Christmas when I get scolded and have some big laughs with a little kid. Pin It Now!