Monday, June 08, 2009

Cherry Lifesaver and The Indiana Review

Cherry Lifesaver, 2009

24" x 24", oil on canvas

Actually, "Cherry Lifesaver" is her name. Kinda like when you name some action beefcake guy "Chuck Steak". I've been a busy bee this week finishing up work for the upcoming show Robot, Donuts and other Madness at the Miller Gallery in Cincinnati on June 26.

Admittedly, the last eleven months has been a real emotional roller-coaster ride with all of the "fun" that canine epilepsy has brought into my world. Needless to say, it has been difficult to get as many paintings completed as I had been before all of the random incidents of uncontrollable shaking. At the moment, my little Peanut has been responding to the medicine a little better, and it has helped me pick up the pace a little ( Thank you, Dr. Dodd). Gee, I'm glad that I didn't take the advice of a certain local college veterinary hospital who repeatedly suggested euthanasia ( a.k.a killing her with poison) as a viable alternative ( F**k you, local university hospital lady).

Had I followed her course of "treatment", I wouldn't have gotten to play "destroy the rubber ducky" in my back yard:

Ah, I'm not bitter.

Another cool thing is my Love Gun painting on the cover of the summer 2009 issue of the Indiana Review.

Doesn't that pink look awesome?

I'm kind of hoping that the people from the Indiana Review don't actually read my blog and ultimately figure out that Otto may... Hmmm, shall we say, fall a little short in the "literary arts" department.

I think it was James Tiberius Kirk who once said "fortune favors the foolish" in the epic masterpiece Star Trek IV: The voyage home ( the one where they have to go back to the 20th century to get a humpback whale in order to save humanity). Pin It Now!