Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Holiday Time!

I've been a busy bee getting work ready for the Holiday Show ( Size Matters) at the Miller Gallery in Cincinnati and for a small works show at the Swan Coach House in Atlanta. Here are some of the paintings:

o pear, 2009

O pear, 2009

8" x 6", oil on panel

available at Swan Coach House

peach pi, 2009

Peach pi, 2009

12" x 12", oil on panel

available at Miller Gallery

apple jacks, 2009

apple jacks, 2009

6" x 6", oil on panel

available at Swan Coach House

I'm starting a new series of paintings for shows coming up next year. This means it's time to pull out my Christmas music to accompany me through my holiday work. I like to listen to Bing and Bob radio shows where the dates fall around the Christmas season. Typically, there will be a little banter, a song or two, and then a nice little Christmas message from Bing at the end. It's nice and it gets me in the mood.

Another good one I like to listen to is the Dragnet Christmas episode .22 rifle for Christmas. Does the title give you ANY indication as to what happens in this story? Okay, honestly, this one is pretty depressing, and they ran this show EVERY YEAR at Christmas time. This tells me that either they ( Jack Webb ) were too lazy to record another show for the holidays, or they ( Jack Webb ) really had an axe to grind against "Daddy" giving his little boy a rifle. At the time, Dragnet was pretty much the only game in town, so Jack could rip the beard right off of Santa ( not the "real" Santa, but the fat drunken slob in red sitting in a chair at the local shopping mall ) to drive his point home.

Of course today we all realize that giving a gun to a little kid isn't only a "good thing" to do, but it would also be the "American" thing to do. Please note that at no point did I ever say it would be the smart thing to do. Pin It Now!