Tuesday, December 02, 2008

finished portrait painting

portrait ( with lolli'), 2008

30" x 30", oil on canvas

I finally finished my portrait. Sometimes my method of painting is difficult in that I want to continually work on something that requires a "drying period". The other part is that I have to visualize the end result though a series of seemingly unrelated glazes. Its like working on a puzzle where I know there's a picture there, but I have to put pieces in a certain order before I start to see the end.

I feel now its okay to start pulling out my Christmas albums. They were pushing the Christmas thing the day after Halloween ( Andy Williams floating in the air next to the 1/2 price Jack O Lanterns?).

One thing I do look forward to in the holiday season is the Rankin / Bass stop-motion Christmas movies. Paul Frees is one of my favorite voices ( he also did voice work with William "Cannon" Conrad on The Whistler radio show ). Pin It Now!