Sunday, May 31, 2009

Freshblood show at Mason Murer

freshblood at mason murer

My Mom and I went to the Freshblood show at the Mason Murer gallery on Friday ( my wife had to stay at home with our favorite epileptic dog). Okay, you know when someone describes a particular thing to you and they say, "it's big!"? Well, this would be the first time that the description actually fits the thing the person is describing. This place was HUGE, and filled with great work.

freshblood at mason murer

FUN FACT: My Mom is actually 27 inches tall!

freshblood at mason murer

I gave this guy seven dollars to pose for this picture. His only instructions were to "look natural" and to "appear to have a deep interest in my a natural sort of way". He totally nailed it!

Actually, his name is Jeff and I graduated from UGA with him, but I totally could have gotten that response from a complete stranger.

My Mom and I drove back to join my wife and epileptic dog to catch an episode of Mannix.

mannix intro

Judo, jumping out of a dune buggy and shooting at someone, burning your fingers on hot toast, driving ( while shaving), swimming in shark infested waters, and playing it cool with your wool blazer ( in California) over your shoulder. All in a day's work for Joe Mannix.

The episode we watched was called "Deathrun", and involved Joe meeting up with an old marine buddy ( Joe apparently was in every branch of the armed services at some point) who served with him in Korea. The comment was made, "we were just kids" comes up referring to their time in Korea. This would make Joe a 28 year old "kid" in 1953.

Either way, at the end of the episode his buddy dies ( falls off a mountain cliff-this happens often on Mannix) and Joe is standing there attempting to cry. My mom looks at me and says,"you know, he's kind of a shitty actor".

I consider it to be a perfect evening. Pin It Now!