Monday, November 24, 2008

portrait painting part 5

This is my portrait with the shirt "sketched in" and the hair with more detail. I'm using a Maroger medium for this painting and its taking a little more time to dry. I think the humidity is screwing around with it.

I was watching ( well, listening to it) to The Road to Utopia while I was painting. There's a line that Bob has that makes me laugh every time. In this "Road" movie, the movie starts with Bob finally getting Lamour in the future ( they have bad grey wigs and make-up). As they're getting ready to go to bed, Dot hears a familiar singing outside ( from Bing... presumed dead), and she say's, " do you hear that, Chester ( Bob )? ". Bob's line: " Hmmm ... yeah, who'd be sellin' fish at this hour?". Pin It Now!