Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October Challenge

otto lange ( me)

"trick AND treat", 2008

6" x 6" , oil on hardboard panel

private collection

M Collier

"greed", 2008

6" x 6" , oil on hardboard panel

Jelaine Faunce

"like cats and dogs"

6" x 6" , oil on hardboard panel

For the October challenge we ( M, Jelaine, and I...this time we were sans Neil) picked the pumpkin. I love carving them, but I get the most satisfaction out of the "traditional" triangle eyes / "Sleepy Hollow" mouth.

I have to say, I always think of the 1958 Disney The Legend of Sleepy Hollow during the Halloween season because...Bing was our narrator! "Ichabod...Ichabod Crane" ( Bing's voice was so low that only certain small animals could hear it in parts of the movie).

My little niece's elementary school has banned Halloween and substituted it for a "Fall Festival" in an effort "not to offend certain religious persuasions". Okay, I live in the "deep ( this is debatable) South", and the "word on the street" is that Halloween is...yes, "the Devil's holiday!".

Okay, I go out of my way not to discuss religion or politics, but seriously!

Really? The Devil ( an actual guy ) has some maniacal plan that hinges on children dressing up like "Hello Kitty" or "SpongeBob" and going door-to-door and asking for candy? Really? Grown-ups (people who operate motor vehicles and vote for Presidents) believe this? Really?

The only argument against Halloween would be that you teach your children that its okay to disguise yourself and pander for food ( incidentally, that other people have touched...when you weren't looking ).

Happy Halloween!!

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