Monday, February 05, 2007

come fly with me

This was actually a TWA plane, but I like the fictional star logo better. Two things:

First, I love the Sinatra album come fly with me. I rank it roughly third behind songs for swingin' lovers and a swingin' affair. These albums are the best of the Capitol years ( right around the time Frank does the INCREDIBLE Rocky Fortune radio shows...24 episodes of pure gold!).

And second, I made a new pal! I happen to live within a couple miles of one of the finest art ground and support makers IN THE WORLD. Okay, I'm totally serious. The company is the Howard and Daniel Corp. ( ). They use the traditional gesso method with the rabbit skin glue, crushed marble ( not that gypsum crap...), and food-grade titanium oxide.

I went to the factory and saw his production. Super Cool! As soon as I listened to him talk about the mating seasons of rabbits affecting the quality of glue AND discussing the production quality in terms of microns...I knew this was my guy. I can now concentrate more on my painting and less on prep. This is why we have specialization!

"come fly with me", 2007

9" x 12", oil on gessoed hardboard

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