Wednesday, December 20, 2006

strawberry cupcake

The great thing about working from life is that there are times when you have to make a little sacrifice for your art. Example: if one wanted to paint a strawberry cupcake, one would have to manipulate ( i.e. eat) many of them in order to get the "money shot". Sometimes you might have to eat seven or eight in one sitting to get that perfect ratio of bite to frosting to cake exposure. What's awesome is when you're making a total pig out of yourself and someone comes in the room and says" Hey, you're making a total pig out of yourself". You can boldly say ( with your mouth full of cake) "Hey, I'm workin' here!"
If its important, you go the distance!
"Strawberry Cupcake", 2006
6" x 6", oil on Masonite panel
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