Saturday, July 21, 2007

watermelon and fork

I'm working to get some big work done for my gallery in PA ( I'll post some pics this weekend). I've been listening to some real "gems" too. Beach Boys "Sunflower", the new Rush album, and an old favorite Seals and Crofts "Greatest Hits". I get into a situation where I'll listen to a group of albums through a painting OVER and OVER again.

Here's the weird thing ( well two weird things). First, and I do this without really thinking about it, I'll keep many paintings going at once, but I'll only listen to a certain group of albums for each different painting. Weird! Like, I'll get up and change the album ( LP or CD...Hey, I can't be limited by availablity).

Second, when I hear certain songs I get a little touch of deja-vu of a particular painting ( I'll remember painting it or a portion of a painting). Also weird!

In the beginning of a painting, I'll be working along thinking that "Hummingbird" is AWESOME! Cut to day three, and I start to think ,"Man, this really sucks! Who is this mellow?"

Doesn't matter. I'll go back to Seals and Crofts eventually. I always do. It really is AWESOME...isn't it?

-watermelon & fork, 2007

6" x 6", oil on gessoed panel

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