Sunday, November 05, 2006

Chattering Teeth

These are actually called "Yakity-Yak". The box ( from 1949 and a little tattered) says the following..."they walk, they talk, THEY'RE ALIVE". This also has little cartoon people staring in amazement at this novelty marvel ( mouths are open).
I lost the key to these so you have to wind them with a little effort. They do "walk" a little ( if walking is shaking uncontrollably in a little circle). They do not talk, and I'm pretty sure they're not "ALIVE". I think "ALIVE" has a lot of impact ( its like the box is screaming at me " Hey Man, THEY'RE ALIVE!!!"). When people email you in all cap's are they screaming?
Hey, these are cool for a different reason. I'm pretty on top of my dental hygene, and I know all of my teeth. These "Yakity-Yak"s are pretty accurate from an anotomical standpoint ( okay...if we all had 28 teeth...). There was some care in this toy when they carved the molars.
"Chattering Teeth", 2006
6" x 6", oil on cradled Masonite
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