Friday, March 06, 2009

this one's for fun ( love gun 2)

this one's for fun ( love gun 2)

this one's for fun ( love gun 2),2009

15" x 30" , oil on canvas

This painting is available at the Judy Saslow gallery

This is the final stage with the Studio Products medium. The #3 glazing medium is super glossy ( and it will take a little longer to dry than the previous ones). One thing I like is that this doesn't contain any solvent so it won't screw up the layers beneath it when you apply it.

I realized when I finished this one that using the American flag changed my original idea. I forget that "Y'all wont to take mah guhn away" is a real thing for some people. I think the argument is that if "they" take our guns away, then only the criminals will have guns. I think a better way to look at it is that if "they" take our guns away, then "they" will take away all of those redneck hunting "accidents".

And now, a word on deer hunting:

The whole argument for the necessity for deer hunting as a remedy for overpopulation is total crap. The deer population is regulated by the deer, not Ted Nugent. The deer instinctively regulate their pregnancy rates relative to the forest food supply. Okay, that's not really the big thing for me. The part I don't like is that it's called a "sport". The word "sport" in this case is used a little loosely due to the fact that the hunters use high powered rifles, night vision, and special scents ( a.k.a. deer piss). When I think of hunting, I think of Ron Ely running around the jungle in a loin cloth with a spear he made with a sharp rock. I just think the playing field should be leveled a little. Oh, and seriously, should an intelligent civilized man really be participating in any "sport" that involves the handling of deer piss?

I also forgot that there's a little political tension right now between "Mr. Lefty" and "Mr. Righty". I would also like to add at this point that I would probably be considered the very Swiss "Mr. Ambidextry" ( because I am, and... I am).

Initially I was thinking more along the lines of Harold Gould saying:

"Shall we say pistols at dawn?"

with the Woody response of:

"Sure, we can say it, but..." Pin It Now!