Thursday, March 05, 2009

portrait ( with dynamite)

portrait (with dynamite)

portrait ( with dynamite), 2009

30" x 30", oil on canvas

This painting is available at the Judy Saslow gallery

This is my t-shirt from 2nd or 3rd grade, but I can't find my magazines ( I have most of "my stuff" from DNA to now). The cool thing about Dynamite magazine was the neat little cards and iron-on transfers that came inside. The first glimpse of Christopher Reeve in the Superman suit came to me by way of the good folks at Dynamite. The tagline for Superman-The Movie was "you will believe a man can fly", and I remember seeing those pictures and thinking you bet your ass I do.

I also remember thinking that The Hardy Boys was a "girl's show" until I saw this cover:

Hey, if Shaun Cassidy "hangs out" with Chewbacca, how bad could he be? Pin It Now!