Friday, June 29, 2007

Rubik, Robert Evans ,and Patton Oswalt

One of the best comedy album's I've gotten in a while is Patton Oswalt's Feelin Kinda Patton. I had tickets to see him and David Cross ( also super awesome!) perform here in Athens at the world famous 40 Watt club a few years ago.

Well, through some mishaps I didn't get to go. I was a little mad, but...Okay, it turns out that the album Feelin' Kinda Patton was the ACTUAL RECORDING of the SHOW I MISSED!!The point is that there's a great bit about Robert Evans involving a Rubik's cube. I've had one since they hit the market, but I now can't look at one without thinking about that bit. I owe some thanks to Patton Oswalt.

Incidently, this was a color mixing feast!!"

Rubik's Cube No.2" , 2007

12" x 12" , oil on gessoed panel

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