Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cogito ergo sum...I think...

-tinker toy molecule no. 2

 tinker toy molecule no.2

 12-in. x 12-in.

 oil on cradled panel

 I think that one of the most appealing aspects of the act of painting is that I have time to let my mind wander a little. Not that I don't concentrate on what I'm doing ( remember Albert Brooks in Broadcast News? "I'm singing...and the same time..."), but there are parts of the painting process that allow for a little intellectual "meandering" occasionally. Things like:

 -Shatner is actually a GREAT actor on the original Star Trek series. I don't know why that part of his career is such a joke. If anything, HE is the "straight man".

-Strandbeest is one of the coolest things I've ever seen!

 -Children's drawings are wonderful and somewhat inspiring!  If they're young enough, a kid will attempt ANY subject because it typically doesn't occur to them that they might fail.

-Do you really have to "register your hands as lethal weapons" if you're some sort of Karate-Master-guy?

-I wonder what percentage of information that is exchanged is "checked" by "Googling" it first?

tinker toy molecule no. 2 ( detail view)

tinker toy molecule no.2 ( detail view)

 -Bernie Kosar was a great quarterback. However, his "Kryptonite" was the fear of being sacked. All it took was one hit, and Bernie was out for the rest of the game. Its like his bones were made out of pretzels or something...and only he knew this. They call me Mr. Glass 'cause my bones break like glass.

-Are you really a "folk artist" if you have a website and sell t-shirts?

-The Ian Fleming books are fantastic, BUT...this is the one case where I think a movie rivals the book. The character development and backstory are way more evolved in the 2006 film version of Casino Royale than Fleming's book. Why did Felix never get his own series?

-John Malkovich was in a Transformers movie? He must have a really big house payment or something, right? Gambling debts?

-The guy who "sold" the idea that the cargo-short was an acceptable fashion choice to the American male needs to be shot in the head! Oh, the porkpie hat-thing needs to go too. Either we all wear hats or none of us do.

-If Steve McQueen were alive, do you think he'd be the kind of guy that would spend a lot of time..."updating his status"? What does this mean?

The answer is "No".  You don't have to "register your hands as lethal weapons" if you're a Martin Kove kind of guy. There is no such law in the United States. I just Googled it. Pin It Now!