Sunday, July 31, 2011

atomic disintegrator part I


Atomic Disintegrator Part I

18" x 24"

oil on panel

The Buck Roger's Atomic Disintegrator XZ-38 version was made by Daisy ( the B.B. gun people) in 1935, and is essentially a "pop" gun. It has a little flint in the top that sparks, and the piston drives an arm up to make a popping sound.

A really, really LOUD popping sound.

It is the KING of all toy space guns. The Wyandotte and the Hubley are really cool, but this is the quintessential icon of heroic inter-planetary defense weapons. It's super annoying and... super awesome!

I got pulled over by the local cop once. Actually, he flashed his lights at me and then I instinctively pulled over. He drove up behind me and said he was "just sayin' Hey!". I half-ass remembered that it was some sort of law to tell the cops that you had a gun in the car. I pulled out my XZ-38 and he looked at it, gave me a funny look, and he indicated that this didn't really "qualify" as a gun.

Whatever, dude! It's super annoying and... super awesome!


This is one of the actual patents for the Atomic Disintegrator. It's kind of a work of art in itself. Pin It Now!