Saturday, September 13, 2008

Candy Stripe

When there is candy on someone's desk in a little bowl or something... is it rude to take one? I always thought it was sort of an "ice breaker" to show that you're comfortable enough with yourself that "Hey, I'll have one of those". I swear, I ALWAYS get the look. You know, the look like, "that candy is here for other more important people!!" I never know that I'm usually not one of those people. Ignorance is bliss.

However, I've noticed the converse is true when candy is placed about in a public place. Chili's, Friday's, Olive Garden or one of those always has the little dish of Starlight Mints by the door or at the register. I love watching people navigate that situation. "Yeah, I'll have mint...or six".

Right? If its free...take a lot of it. Do you think Cary Grant took complimentary mints by the handful at The Olive Garden? Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not sure that the The Olive Garden would have been the kind of place that Cary Grant would be "kickin' it".

"candy stripe", 2008

6" x 6", oil on gessoed panel

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