Sunday, December 30, 2007

hi - def, 1970

Most of the things I watch on TV will NEVER be released in "hi-def" or look right on a widescreen television. TV shows need to be viewed in the correct original aspect ratio, but movies should NEVER be watched in "Full Screen" ( these have been edited by a studio employee and usually NOT the actual director of the movie). Shows like The Incredible Hulk ( my favorite "bad" show...Bixby is priceless), Hawaii 5-0 ( season three comes out on the 22nd!!), Space 1999 ( Landau's comb-over...), and The Equalizer ( super awesome!! Edward Woodward as a super cool British version of Charley Bronson...and Stewart Copeland's music...Fantastic) will never get the high defintion treatment.

I love the employee at the electronics store who comes up and says," Hey Man, do you have the high defintion experience at home? You really need to get with the times." I always respond ," when The Six Million Dollar Man comes out in hi-def...then I'll get with the program...Man".

hi - def, 2007

8" x 8", oil on gessoed panel

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