Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pink Snowball

In my work, the most interesting subjects have somewhat of a microcosm. I love the little interior world of a particular subject like, perhaps...a Hostess snowball. Sometimes when I'm driving, I almost wreck the car looking at cloud formations.
These are particularly yummy. I stopped at around 5 when I was making my little still life here. I'll tell you, making art puts you in situations you would never otherwise be in. For example, telling the clerk at the grocery store to be careful with the leaves on my tomatoes, and then end up asking for them ( you know how they will usually hand you your candybar or cold drink instead of bagging it...). "No you don't need to bag the tomatoes, I'm gonna eat those in the car". Its just easier than explaining why I'm so particular.

"Snowball", 2006

6" x 6", oil on Red Oak cradled Masonite

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