Wednesday, October 12, 2011

1971 or... when I was one ( year old)... "it was a very good year".

otto lange,oil painting,coca-cola,coke

1971, 2011

24-in. x 18-in.

oil on cradled panel

The 1971 Coca-Cola can was stainless steel AND aluminum ( pronounced AL-oo-min-U-um, right? ). 1971 also means...

-dumb little hat?

-fighting crime in a Santa Suit?

-watching Roy Scheider smoke 8000 cigarettes ( and look cool doing it!)?

1971 means The French Connection, baby!

1971 might also mean...

-shooting a guy with a mouth full of food?

-having pseudo-porn style hair... and still being a cop?

-elevating being a smart-ass to an artform?

"I know what you're thinkin'...", 1971 also means Dirty Harry!

Oh, and 1971 also means one of the greatest albums of all time!!


Only YES can get away with an eleven minute "single".

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