Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Red Zeppelin I - part two

I finished the second part of my Red Zeppelin I painting movie. I'll "touch up" the background a little ( okay, a lot) before moving on to the actual zeppelin part. I used Gamblin Oil Colors and Galkyd for this painting. The paint is loaded with pigment, and the medium "levels" nicely. In the background ( noise, not the painting), you can hear Frank Lovejoy in Nightbeat. I've got a link to all of the episodes on the side there, and it's pretty good ( and funny) to listen to while you work. Oh, William "Cannon" Conrad usually shows up as either a punch-drunk boxer, effeminate lawyer, or gravel-throated "heavy".

Nightbeat, Dragnet, and Philip Marlowe are don't hold a candle to the greatest private-eye show ever. It might just be a little 30 minute gem from the 1959-60 television season called... Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer.


Darren "Carl Kolchak" McGavin plays basically... Carl Kolchak with a gun, a cooler car, and a giant set of balls ( he might even have three!). He narrates the show... just like in Kolchak: The Nightstalker, and it looks great! Every scene is a German Expressionistic black and white treat. All of chicks are super-hot, and all of the bad guys usually get humiliated before he beats them up and/or kills them. There's a vague suggestion of a Bob Hope-I-know-I'm-just-a-character-in-a-T.V-show-but-nobody-else-knows-thing going on too.

"Yeah, alright! Tough-guy and all that. Let me finish my sandwich first!".


Do real men drink Daiquiris?

"They do if I say they do!" - Darren McGavin Pin It Now!